Overwhelmed Moms: Get Organized With The Juicebox!

The Juicebox is a revolutionary program for overwhelmed moms who want to simplify their lives but don’t know where to start.

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Mom, I know the story: You’re overrun with play dates, errands, after-school classes and sporting events. You collapse into bed each night, and dream that you’ve dropped your groceries off at soccer practice and left your daughter in the frozen foods isle. Wait, that was just a dream, right?

Your life shouldn’t be a never-ending to-do list! The Juice Box can help you create more time: Family time, spouse time, and (gasp!) mommy-needs-a-bubble-bath time. You’ll get where you need to go and actually enjoy life in the process. Another tip is i always compare my Business electricity comparison here


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juicebox_beforeandafterGet The Juicebox and you’ll learn:

  • How to declutter everything from your mind to your minivan
  • Ways to automate and delegate yourself out of all the things you hate to do
  • Get your email, paper and laundry piles down to zero… and keep them that way
  • What technology can revolutionize your life, and how to use it (technophobes, be not afraid!)
  • How to bust through your negative thoughts and the NEW mindsets that will get you unstuck
  • Bonus life hacks that the ninja moms use to optimize their lives

Who writes the Juicebox?


That’d be me. I’m mom to two of the coolest kids I know and a rambunctious puppy. I have a wonderful, tolerant husband who is my best friend and a darn good pancake flipper. We all live in the sunny suburbs of Los Angeles. Did I say sunny? I meant sweltering.

I’m also a life and career coach obsessed with empowering moms to find careers they love, create systems to simplify their lives, prioritize what’s important and get a HEAP more done in a day. I eat, sleep and dream this stuff. Mostly happy dreams, except for one recurring nightmare about a pile of laundry that chased me down the street while my neighbors looked on with disapproval. (True story.)

Mothercraft (my life coaching company) was born out of the chaos that ensued when I left my hip and lucrative dot-com career and became a “Homie” (that’s Mothercraft-speak for stay-at-home mom). Life looked peachy from the outside, lots of picnics at the park and board book marathons. How I felt on the inside was another story altogether. I was suffering from what I can only describe as a full-blown identity crisis. I had traded my job with all its perks, notoriety, travel and fabulous income (friendships, social status… I could go on) for sweatpants, diapers and Blues Clues. Many of my friends swiftly returned to work, and though I knew they were struggling with their own emotional tug-of-war, I envied their life away from domesticity and I longed to use my skills and talents. I adored being home with my son, but I often found myself looking in the mirror and thinking, Who the heck is this puffy-eyed woman? And what has she done with the old me?

In the years that followed, I put myself back together like a giant puzzle. And I can help you do it too. It’s time to create a NEW vision of your motherhood, one that honors and respects ALL PARTS of you, not just the ones that you think belong to a “perfect mother” (News flash– there’s no such thing).

Here are some things I learned along the way:

  • You are not your job. (Or perks, or travel, or fabulous income… or sweatpants for that matter!) Through the loss of you old life comes a priceless opportunity to find out EXACTLY who you really are. Thank you, motherhood!
  • The key to success in relationships, parenting, career, whatever– is to root yourself in the things you’re naturally interested in and passionate about (a.k.a. your Core Values).
  • Disorganization, chaos and “letting yourself go” don’t have to be occupational hazards of motherhood. You can throw your hands up and give in, or you can implement ninja-mom systems to rock your world.
  • Clarity of vision and unrelenting focus are essential if you want to show up big in the world and make great things happen. Talk is cheap– you’ve got to really want to live up to your full potential.
  • There is absolutely, positively NO reason why you can’t live the life you want, right NOW. You just have to know how to ask the universe nicely.

Welcome aboard the Mothercraft!

Here’s to your growth and development as a mom,


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